Private Baths

Soak in luxury, uninterrupted
The 'Porcelain Bath' — made from famous Shigaraki porcelain, the 'Cypress Bath' — made from Japanese cypress, and the 'Stone Bath'
— a spacious and fully equipped jet spa.
All our baths are to be enjoyed by you in complete privacy.
  • *There is no reservation required for the baths, so please feel free to use them whenever you please.
  • *Baths can be used between 6:30 - 9:30 a.m. in the morning, and 3:00 - 12:00 p.m. in the afternoon/evening.
  • *Change the tag to 'In Use' and lock the door from the inside. (As the tag is written in Japanese, please ask a staff member if you are in need of instructions)

The Shigaraki 'Porcelain Bath'

Enjoy the bath's silky smooth Shigaraki porcelain surface and the Eastern atmosphere of this room.

The 'Cypress Bath'

With the delicate natural cypress aroma of this bath, relax both the body and mind.

The spacious 'Stone Bath'

A wide and spacious bath.
Take up as much space as you need and unwind in this luxury tub.


Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, cleansing oil, body cream, facial cleanser, face lotion, body milk, cotton swabs

Benefits and Properties of Kinosaki Hot Spring Water

Hypotonic, high-heat, naturally chlorinated, neutral spring water. Contains sodium and calcium.

Based on the classifications of the water, the following benefits and cautions are as follows:

(1)Bathing in the water is beneficial for
  1. ①Nerve pain
  2. ②Muscular pain
  3. ③Joint pain
  4. ④Stiff shoulders and joints
  5. ⑤Muscular paralysis
  6. ⑥Bruises
  7. ⑦Sprains
  8. ⑧Chronic digestive illnesses
  9. ⑨Hemorrhoids
  10. ⑩Blood circulation
  11. ⑪Convalescence
  12. ⑫Recovery from exhaustion
  13. ⑬Cuts
  14. ⑭Burns
  15. ⑮Chronic skin diseases
  16. ⑯Chronic gynaecological diseases
(2)Drinking the water is beneficial for
  1. ①Chronic digestive illnesses
  2. ②Chronic constipation
(3)Bathing should be avoided if one has/is
  1. ①An acute illness (especially if one has a fever)
  2. ②Active tuberculosis
  3. ③Malignant tumor
  4. ④Suffering from a severe heart disease
  5. ⑤Suffering from respiratory failure
  6. ⑥Suffered/is suffering from kidney failure
  7. ⑦A hemorrhagic disease
  8. ⑧Severe anemia
  9. ⑨a general severe illness that is ongoing
  10. ⑩Pregnant (especially in the first and final stages of pregnancy)
  11. ⑪High-heat (42℃ or higher) bathing should be avoided if one has
  1. A. a high-degree of arteriosclerosis
  2. B. high blood pressure
  3. C. Heart disease
(4)Drinking should be avoided if one has
  1. ①Kidney trouble
  2. ②High blood pressure
  3. ③Edema
(5)Warnings if drinking

Because the water contains fluorine and arsenic, the allowable intake per day is 590ml. If you want to drink the water over long periods of time, please speak to a doctor that has a specialist knowledge on hot springs for advice before doing so.
In addition, the maximum allowable intake per day for those between 8 - 15 years old is 290ml.
The water should not be consumed by infants.